The Synergist editors received a letter from the AIHA Oil and Gas Working Group clarifying two statements made in the June/July 2015 cover article: “Dear Editor,
The June/July 2015 issue of The Synergist featured a cover story entitled ‘Focus on Fracking: Debate Continues over Environmental Health Effects’ authored by Michelle F. Gillie. At the beginning of the article is an editor’s note that states, ‘This article is adapted from a forthcoming AIHA white paper on the occupational and environmental health effects of fracking.’ At the end of the article, it is stated that the AIHA Environmental Issues Committee is ‘working jointly with the AIHA Oil and Gas Working Group and Risk Assessment Committee on a white paper on the occupational and environmental health impacts from hydraulic fracturing.’ Members of the Oil and Gas Working Group would like to provide additional background information regarding the state of progress of the white paper at the time at which the Synergist article was published. As of June/July 2015, the draft white paper was in its second round of internal review among the authors, had not yet been finalized among the authors, and had not yet undergone any external peer review or any review by the AIHA Board of Directors. Therefore, the content and conclusions found in the final version of the white paper may ultimately be different than the adaptation presented in this Synergist article. Thank you, Officers of the AIHA Oil and Gas Working Group” The Synergist regrets any confusion these statements may have caused.