Clear and Credible
How AIHA-LAP Advertising Policies Help Labs—And Their Customers
Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC (AIHA-LAP, LLC or AIHA-LAP) is committed to maintaining credible and transparent programs that help accredited laboratories provide quality data in which their customers can have confidence. We recognize that a laboratory’s accreditation status is important to developing their client base, but we also want customers seeking analytical testing services to have complete confidence that they are selecting the most appropriate accredited laboratory. To meet both of these goals, AIHA-LAP, LLC encourages laboratories that have invested the time, effort, and resources to obtain accreditation to properly display their AIHA-LAP accreditation symbols when they advertise in a way that is appropriate and that helps customers select the right laboratories to meet their testing needs. A sample accreditation symbol appears in Figure 1.