EPA Proposes Significant New Use Rule for Two Alkylpyrrolidones
In November, EPA proposed a significant new use rule (SNUR) for two alkylpyrrolidones, N-ethylpyrrolidone (NEP) and N-isopropylpyrrolidone (NiPP). The proposed significant new uses include any use of NiPP and any use of NEP except for its ongoing uses as a reactant, in silicone seal remover, coatings, paint primer, and adhesives. According to the
Federal Register
, the organic solvent NEP is used as a substitute for N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP), a chemical commonly used for paint and coating removal, because of its “similar solvent properties and very similar chemical structure.” NiPP also has physical-chemical properties similar to NMP. EPA notes that because of these similarities, NEP has been shown to, and NiPP is expected to, exhibit toxicity similar to NMP. The agency has identified developmental effects as a “key endpoint of concern” from NMP exposure through oral and dermal routes.
The new rule would require manufacturers and others to notify EPA at least 90 days prior to starting any manufacturing or processing of these chemical substances for a significant new use. The agency would then evaluate the conditions of use and make a determination on the notice.
Workplaces potentially affected by the proposed rule include ship building and repair, aircraft manufacturing, museums, automotive body paint and interior repair maintenance, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, paint and wall covering contractors, and textile manufacturing.
EPA is accepting comments on all aspects of this proposed rule through Jan. 27, 2017.