Construction Group Releases Tool for Assessing “Safety Climate”
A website recently developed by CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Safety can help managers in the construction industry evaluate the “safety climate” at a job site by focusing on leading indicators of safety performance. According to CPWR, “safety climate” refers to the shared perceptions of management and workers about the extent to which safety is valued.
The Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) allows workers to answer questions about the safety climate at a job site based on eight leading indicators for safety: management commitment, integration of safety as a value, accountability, quality leadership among supervisors, empowerment of employees, improved communication, training, and involvement of project owners and clients. The S-CAT produces a report that compares an individual’s responses to others in the S-CAT database, identifies areas where safety culture is strong, and suggests improvements. According to CPWR, all S-CAT data are anonymous and workers can use the site confidentially.
Company-level reports are also available. Instructions for setting up a company-level report are available via the S-CAT
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